How to Turn a Baby Food Jar into a Candle Holder Cute Craft for Kids

This is craft makes a great gift from a child to a loved one.  It’s also a great way to recycle baby food jars.  It’s a fun craft and makes a great decoration in any home.  Follow the step-by-step directions below to make your very own baby food jar candle.




Materials: baby food jar, Mod Podge, paint brush, tissue paper pieces, ribbon, battery operated tealight candle, glue



Step 1: Use the Mod Podge and paint brush to paste the tissue paper around the outside of the baby food jar.  Make sure the tissue paper is smooth over the jar.  The Mod Podge will dry clear. Optional: try making a pattern when attaching the tissue paper to the jar,







Step 2: Place the battery operated tealight candle inside the jar.







Step 3: Glue ribbon around the rim of the baby food jar lid.





Optional: If you are making this as a gift, try wrapping it in tissue paper and or cellophane and secure with a bow.