How to prepare your child for Kindergarten, Fun activities to prepare your child for Kindergarten

You are your child’s first and most important teacher they will ever have.  As a parent we want our children to be successful in school.  Try these activities below to help your child be prepared to Kindergarten.


1. Sing the ABC’s over and over again.

2. When reading with your child ask them “which letter is this?”

3. Practice writing letters in upper case and lower case form.

Your Name:

1. Write your child’s name on a piece of paper.  Go through a magazine, book or newspaper with them and point out the letters of their name, then have them try it.

2. You and your child can make letters of your child’s name using play dough or you can make your own clay.

3.  Take a shoe box lid and fill it  half way with sand ( you could also use salt). Using your finger write the first letter of your child’s name then have them repeat it.

4. Using finger paints have your children practice writing the letters of their name.

Scissor Safety and Cutting:

It’s important to teach your child about scissor safety before teaching them how to cut.  First get child safe scissors.  Make sure that if your child is left handed you get left handed scissors. Teach them the proper way to carry or give someone scissors: hold them by the blade while it is closed and facing downward toward the floor.  Then make some rules such as cutting is only for paper and don’t never run with scissors. Teach your child the proper way to hold the scissors.  The thumb should be facing upward.

Practice Cutting:

1. Draw lines across a whole piece of construction paper.  You cut across one of line lines then help your child  cut.  When they have mastered cutting across the lines have them cut easy shapes such as a square then move on to harder shapes like a circle.

2. Once your child has mastered basic cutting go through a magazine and have them cut out pictures of things they like.  Children do a lot of cutting in Kindergarten.  If your child has not mastered the skill before the start of kindergarten don’t worry his/her teacher will work with them.


1. Kids love using glue but often use way to much. Have them practice using small amounts of glue. Cut out pictures and letters from newspapers and magazines.  Have them practice using small amounts of glue to glue them to the paper.

2. Collect some small objects from outside with your child such as flowers, sticks, leaves or you can use other items found in a house such as buttons.  Have your child glue them to a piece of construction paper.

3. Write your child’s name on a piece of construction paper.  Using elbow shaped pasta have them glue it on the letters of their name.


1. Practice counting every day. Count up to 10 then when your child has mastered 10 move up to 20 etc…

2. Have your child practice identify numbers.  Ask your child which number is that when you see them on signs, in books, or out running your daily errands.

Once your child has mastered counting and identifying numbers  teach them important numbers such as their phone number, house number and when to dial 911 for emergencies.

Phone number and House number

1. Go over phone or house number with your child.  Draw squares on a piece of paper.  Write one number in each square.  Cut out the squares.  Put the numbered squares in the correct order to make their phone or house number. Mix up the numbers then have your child put them in the correct order.  In a phone number try the first  three numbers first then add on.  Two many numbers at once your child may get frustrated.


Get involved with play groups and activities in your neighborhood.  Have a picnic at your local park or take a trip to your local library.  Often libraries offer free or low cost activities for children of all ages.  Children learn a lot of skills such as sharing, learning how to cooperate and problem solving by just playing with other children.


1.  When in the grocery store go over the colors of the fruits and vegetables. If your child has already mastered colors play a game of  I Spy.  I spy something red and have your child try to figure out what you are spying, take turns. While looking at the fruits and vegetables try taking home a different fruit or vegetable once in a while to try.

2. Sort by color.  Use colorful cereal or M&Ms and separate them into groups based on color.  Once they have mastered grouping, try making patterns.

3. Give your child coloring books or print out coloring pages online.  Have your child practice coloring neatly and in the line.  Encourage your child to take their time while coloring.


Remember to read with your child everyday.  While reading ask your child questions about the characters, what they think will happen next, have them point out colors or pictures on the pages.