Top Rated Kitchen Play Sets for Kids (Reviews & Buyers Guide)

The Best Play Kitchens for Kids

(Reviews and Buyers Guide)


So, you are thinking about purchasing a kitchen set for that special child in your life, but not sure which one to choose.  Did you know that kitchen sets are one of the most popular children’s toys and has been for years?  Since they are so popular there are many options available, choosing the right one can be a challenge.  That’s why kidsplayandcreate decided to compose a list of the best play kitchen sets available on the market today.

Cartwheel Kids Hello Kitty Kitchen Café

CartWheel Kids Hello Kitty Kitchen Cafe
This adorable Hello Kitty Kitchen is great for any little girl, they don’t even have to know who Hello Kitty is to enjoy this kitchen.

The kitchen comes with 13 pieces including 2 cupcakes and serving tray, coffee pot with disappearing coffee, coffee mug, saucepan, 3 ice cubes, menu, serving spoon, play cell phone and removable oven rack.

The play kitchen has a sign that flips to say open or closed, it has a fabric awning, Hello Kitty stove burner that lights up and sizzles, oven door that opens and closes and an ice dispenser.

Item Weight is 15.8 pounds

Dimensions: 12x24x28 inches

This is a great kitchen for a toddler or a young little girl.  It is a great first-time kitchen. It doesn’t take up that much space and your child will have hours of fun.

3AA batteries are included

The back is completely flat and fits against any wall


Kid Kraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen

KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen

This is a deluxe kitchen that has a lot of detail.

The kitchen comes with a refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, oven and microwave that can open and close.

This kitchen has counter space and shelves for storing cooking accessories.

The sink can be removed and cleaned easily.

The knobs can be turned

The kitchen comes with a metal pot, pan, and 2 spatulas.

Item Weight 52 pounds (made of wood)

Dimensions: 36×12.3×36 inches

Great for any corner of a child’s room or playroom area.

Since this kitchen has so much detail and a lot of compartments it’s great for both young children and those kids who are a little bit older but still enjoy playing kitchen.

Ages 3-10

Comes in both pink and purple.


Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen

Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen

This kitchen is great for both a boy or a girl. This kitchen is not pink nor has a girly feel when it comes to playing kitchens.  So if you have a special boy in your life or you have a little boy and little girl at home that wants a play kitchen, this is the one for you.  This kitchen includes 1 coffee pot, 2 plates, 2 cups, 2 forks, 2 knives, 2 spoons, 1 pan and 1 play phone.

The kitchen has a refrigerator, microwave, stove, and cabinets that both open and close.

The burners make sizzles sounds

Item Weight 20 pounds

Dimensions: 28x14x40

Easy Assembly, requires 2 AA batteries that are not included


Disney Minnie Bow-Tique Sweet Surprises Kitchen

Disney Minnie Bow-Tique Sweet Surprises Kitchen

This is a must have for all those little Minnie Mouse fans out there.  Playing in this kitchen makes you feel like you stepped into the kitchen at Minnie’s Now-Tique!  It is one of the cutest kitchen’s if not the cutest I’ve ever seen.

The design of the kitchen is wonderful, it’s so adorable.  It has curtains and has a window background.

The kitchen says Minnie phrase and the stove burners light up and have sound effects.  Your child will love washing dishes in the sink that sounds like it drips.  The “baking” cake that rises is one of my favorite features.  The kitchen comes with over 20 accessories including cupcakes, cookies, cups, pancake, pan, spatula, coffee pot, ice for the ice dispenser on the refrigerator.

Item weight 16 pounds

Dimensions: 24x22x14 inches

Easy assembly

Little Tikes Cook ‘N Learn Smart Kitchen

This kitchen is great for the high tech world we live in.  This interactive smart kitchen is responsive to blue tooth technology.

It’s a wonderful kitchen on its own but add a table or smartphone and download the free app and turn this great kitchen into an extraordinary one.  This kitchen is compatible with Apple, Kindle, Samsung, Nook and Nabi tablets.  It is also compatible with Apple, Samsung, Google, Amazon Fire, Droid RAZR and HTC One mobile devices.

Simply download the free app for hours of interactive imaginary play.

The app helps kids learn about food groups, colors, shapes, and more.  It even has recipes for kids to cook and the music has written lyrics to help kids learn letters.

The kitchen also has sounds effects while the kids cut fruits and vegetables on the cutting board.

The kitchen comes with 46 accessories such as forks, play food, cups, pan, dishes, and utensils.

One of the features I like best is the garden the grows in the middle.  The kids can actually “pick” the vegetables and cook with them.


What can a child learn from playing with a kitchen?

Children can actually learn a lot while playing with their kitchens.  It helps a child develop their social skills by playing with other children, sharing, taking turns.  It helps build their imagination.  Children love pretending that they are cooking and cleaning in their kitchen.  My little girl enjoys sitting her dolls around the table and “baking” cookies for them and pouring the tea.  It can help with their math skills.  You can count foods, plates, utensils etc.. with your child in their kitchen.  Playing with a kitchen can help introduce new foods to your child.  When your child “cooks” with different fruits and vegetables they may be open to try the real version as it has become familiar to them.

What age is a good age to buy a kitchen?

I’d say the answer to this question depends on the child.  Many kitchens have a recommended age of 2 or 3 years.  This is usually due to choking hazards, with small pieces.  My daughter received her kitchen at the age of one.  She played with it every day and she will be 3 soon and it is still her favorite toy.

Are play kitchens good for boys?

People always assume that kitchens are for girls, but boys enjoy cooking too! Kitchens are fun!  It’s one of the few toys you can have where boy and girl siblings to enjoy and play together.

Are Play Kitchens Fun for Siblings?

If you have young children at home around the same age play kitchens can be a great way to have them play together.  They are great family activity and get help siblings to work and play together.  Play kitchens also make great gifts.  If your a grandparent, aunt, uncle or loved one who is looking to purchase one gift for the family, consider purchasing a play kitchen.

Should I purchase extra accessories?

Extra accessories are always fun and there are so many options available.  They have shopping carts and baskets full of food, extra pots, pans, appliances and utensils, chef hat and aprons and even dessert carts and grills.  I would start with the basic kitchen and some food.  If your child really enjoys playing in their kitchen, you can always add new accessories.

Play Kitchen Accessories