How to Make your own Butter, Fun Activity for Kids

Why go to the store and buy butter when you can make some at home.  Making your own butter is fun and easy for kids of all ages.  Follow the step-by-step directions below to make your own butter!

Materials Needed: Glass or plastic jar with lid (make sure the lid can close tightly), 8oz of heavy cream, 1 marble

Step 1:  Pour heavy cream into the glass or plastic jar

Step 2:  Put your marble into the jar.

Step 3:  Put the lid on your jar and tighten.  This step is important, you do not want your cream flying out of your jar.

Step 4:  Shake bottle for approximately 10 minutes.  As you shake the jar you will notice that the  cream will begin to thicken.  As it thickens it will be harder to shake.  This is how you know that your butter is beginning to form.

Step 5:  Open the jar and you will see a solid mass (the butter).  Pour out the excess liquid and place your butter in a bowl.  Knead your butter add some salt if you like and enjoy!

Shake things up: Have fun while shaking!  Have the kids jump and dance around. (Works best when they have a plastic jar in case they drop it.)