How to Make Your Own Baby Keepsake Fun and Easy Baby Handprint and Footprint Craft

Who doesn’t love their little ones tiny hands and feet, know you can look back at them forever with this easy hand and foot craft.  This craft is not only good for infants but also young children.  It makes a great Christmas, Valentine’s or Birthday gift for parents and special people in that child’s life.  Follow the step-by-step directions below to make your own handprint/footprint craft.


      Materials: Homemade clay, paint, sharpie, paintbrush optional glitter, glue, circle cookie cutter, rolling pin
  Homemade Clay – 1 cup salt, 1 cup water, 1 tablespoon vegetable oil, 2 cups flour (if only making one set of hand/footprints half the recipe
     Click here for easy homemade clay recipes



Step 1:  Make the homemade clay see recipe above


Step 2: Flatten out the dough using hands make two circle shapes big enough to fit the child’s hand and foot.  You can use a rolling pin and circle cookie cutter to make it easier if you like.  Circles should be 1/2 to 1 inch in thickness.


Step 3:  Take the baby’s foot and press down into the center of the circle.  On the second circle repeat with hand.  You may need to do this a couple of times before you get it right.


Step 4: You can either let the clay air dry for 2 days or bake the dough at 275 for 50 minutes or until bottom no longer has a doughy feel to it.


Step 5: Paint entire keepsake in white let dry then paint inside hand and foot color of choice.  You may need to apply a second coat of paint if the paint looks cracked when it’s dry.  Optional using a paintbrush paint the inside of the hand and foot with glue.  Pour glitter over the glue to get a sparkly affect.  The hand and foot print in the picture has pink glitter.  Once keepsake is dry use a sharpie to write child’s name, date etc… enjoy