How to Make an Easter Basket Snack for Kids

Need a fun and creative Easter snack?  Look no further! These cute Easter basket snacks are fun to make and taste great too. This activity is easy to make and is great for children of all ages.  They make great snacks and activities for an Easter party, classroom activity, or fun to make at home with the kids.  Follow the steps below to make your own Easter Basket Snack!


sandwich cookie, frosting, mini M&Ms, small jelly beans, lacing candy or Twizzlers, marshmallow Bunny Peep



Step 1

Give each child one sandwich cookie.  Have the child break the cookie in half.

Step 2

Take one half of the sandwich cookie and take the top piece off (kids can eat that piece if they want!), leaving the piece with the middle cream showing. Have the children put frosting on top of the cream middle.

Step 3

Take the other half of the sandwich cookie and put it on top of the frosting with the broken half facing up. Have the children add frosting on top of the cookie.

Step 4

Have the children add the mini M&Ms to the top of the cookie.  The mini M&Ms are going to look like the eggs in the basket.

Give each child one Twizzler or piece of lacing candy.  Measure it to the size of the cookie, then cut it.  

If you are using a Twizzler, you will need to make it thinner so it will be easier to attach it to the cookie.  To make it thinner, cut it down the middle longways.

 Once you have the right size Twizzler or lacing candy.  Add some frosting to each end of the cookie.  Put one end of the Twizzler or lacing candy in each side of the cookie.

Tip: If the Twizzler or lacing candy is giving you a hard time, stick the cookie in the refrigerator or for a couple of minutes to let the frosting harden.

Step 6

Give each child one Bunny Peep.  Have the children add a small amount of frosting to the side of the bunny. The frosting will act like glue.  Take the bunny and stick it to the side of the Easter Basket. If you like, add a couple of jelly beans to the bottom of the Easter Basket.

All finished. Enjoy!