How to Make a Tissue Paper Flower Arts Crafts Projects for Kids

Check out these tissue paper flower craft ideas below:
Craft 1
Tissue paper flower bouquets make excellent gifts from kids.  They are easy to make and only a few materials are need.  Follow the step-by-step directions below to make your own tissue paper flowers.

Materials needed: multi-color tissue paper, pipe cleaners, scissors


Step 1: Cut variety of tissue paper colors in the shape of a square.  The bigger the square the bigger the flower. Try to use 5-7 pieces of tissue paper. Tip: stack the colors on top of each other than cut to ensure they are the same size.

Step 2: Fold the tissue paper back and forth the same way your would make a fan.









Step 3: Wrap the pipe cleaner around the middle of the flower twist to it stays in place.









Step 4: Carefully separate each piece of tissue paper, you’re done! You made your very own tissue paper flower.










To make a variety of different flowers after folding like a fan cut along the edges of the tissue paper in different shapes

Make a bunch of flowers and place in a small vase to give as a gift.

Make small flowers hot glue them to a hair tie or clip


Craft 2:
This is a cute tissue paper flower craft for young children.  They make excellent classroom decorations, and a fun and easy to make.
Materials:  Paper, Black sharpie or marker, tissue paper, glue
Step 1: Give each child a piece of white construction paper and a marker to draw a flower.  If the children are younger, draw a flower for them on the paper.






Step 2: Have the children glue tissue paper in each of the flower’s petals and on the leaves.