How to Make a Tissue Paper Flower Arts Crafts Projects for Kids

Tissue paper crafts are classic; they never get old. As a little girl, I loved making tissue paper flowers, and I now love making them with my kids. Tissue paper flowers are fun and easy to make. Tissue paper flowers are perfect for children in 1st grade and up. Try these tissue paper flower crafts below.

Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue paper flower bouquets make excellent gifts for kids to loved ones. They are perfect to make for Valentine’s Day and mother’s Day. You only need three things to make tissue paper flowers all which can be purchased at the dollar store or Walmart


Multi-color tissue paper ( you can purchase tissue paper at the dollar store, or any craft store.

Pipe cleaners


Creating your Tissue Paper Flower

Step 1:

Cut a variety of tissue paper colors in the shape of a square.  The bigger the square, the bigger the flower. Try to use 5-7 pieces of tissue paper. Tip: stack the colors on top of each other then cut to ensure they are the same size.

Step 2:

Fold the tissue paper back and forth the same way you would make a fan.

Folding tissue paper to make a tissue paper flower

Step 3:

Wrap the pipe cleaner around the middle of the flower and twist it to ensure it stays in place.

Wrap your pipe cleaner around the tissue paper to make the flower

Step 4: 

Carefully separate each piece of tissue paper, and you’re done! You made your very own tissue paper flower.

Completed tissue paper flower.  The tissue paper flower is blue, purple and yellow with a green pipe cleaner


To make a variety of different flowers after folding like a fan cut along the edges of the tissue paper in different shapes

Make a bunch of flowers and place them in a small vase to give as a gift.

Make small flowers and hot glue them to a hair tie or clip

Tissue paper flower in a vase for mother's day

Tissue Paper Flower

This is a cute tissue paper flower craft for young children. This craft is simple enough to do with toddlers. They make excellent classroom decorations and a fun and easy to make.



Black sharpie or marker,

multiple colored tissue paper cut into small squares,


Step 1:

Give each child a piece of white construction paper and a marker to draw a flower.  If the children are younger, draw a flower for them on the paper.

A flower drawn in black marker on white construction paper

Step 2:

Have the children crumple up the small tissue paper squares into small balls. Little kids love this part. Have the kids glue tissue paper balls on each flower’s petals and the leaves.

A flower drawn on a piece of white construction paper filled in with small colored pieces of tissue paper