How to make a Spider from an Egg Carton Easy Halloween Craft for Kids

This Halloween inspired spider egg carton craft is a great holiday decoration for you home.  Just add some string and hang them from windows or doorways you can also skip the string and place the cute but creepy spider on window sills or table tops.  This craft is easy enough for children of all ages so get creating today.
Egg Carton Spider
Egg Carton Spider

1 egg carton is enough to make 12 spiders






Materials: Egg Carton, Paint, Pipe Cleaners, pen or pencil, scissors 
Step 1: Cut out one egg cup section of the egg carton.


Step 2: The egg cup section will be the body of the spider.  Have child paint the sider and make a face. Let dry.


Step 3: Using a pen or pencil poke 3 holes on two sides of the egg cup. Make sure the holes line up on each side.


Step 4: Take 1 pipe cleaner and cut it into 3 even pieces.


Step 5: Push pike cleaner though one hole and make it come out the other side.  Bend sides down to form legs


Step 6: Using a pen or pencil poke 2 holes though the top of the egg cup.


Step 7: Push pike cleaner through the holes on the top. Flip spider upside down and twist pike cleaner together to secure.











You’re done.  Hang spiders from a string in windows or ceiling for a Halloween decoration.