How to Make a Snowman Soap Snowman Winter Craft for Kids Snowman Crafts for Kids

Have you ever made a snowman out of soap?  Well now you can with this fun soap snowman craft.  This cute snowman is fun for kids to make and is a nice decoration to place next to the bathroom or kitchen sink.  Follow the simple instructions below to make your own soap snowman. 


Materials: bar soap (1 per child), vegetable peeler, cheese grater or scissors, pipe cleaner (1 per child), water, bowl, paper plate (1 per child) optional small buttons (for eyes)




Step 1: Give each child one bar of soap.  Use the vegetable peeler, cheese grater or scissor to shave entire bar of soap.  If working with a group of children it might be better to shave all the bars of soap before then distribute the shavings evenly between the kids.





Step 2: Separate the soap shavings into 3 piles. One large pile, one medium size pile and one small pile.  This will be for the bottom, middle and head of the snowman.


Step 3: Pour some water into a bowl.  Have child wet hands and mold the big pile into a ball. Make sure the ball is smooth.  Add more water to hands it soap is too dry.  Place ball on paper plate.  Push down slightly so that the ball can it on plate without support. Repeat this step with the small and medium size piles.  Stack the balls on top of each other to build snowman.  Add water to hands as needed to smooth the soap.





Step 4: Cut pipe cleaners so each child gets two that are about 2 inches long and two that are 1 inch long.  Wrap smaller pipe cleaner around larger to make arms.  Have the child push in pipe cleaners on each side of the snowman.  Optional add tiny buttons for eyes.  Let snowman dry completely. Place snowman by sink as a nice kitchen or bathroom decoration.