How to Make a Snow Globe Easy Snow Globe Craft for Kids

This is a great craft that easy for kids of all ages.  This snow globes make perfect gifts from kids for parents or loved ones.  They are nice to put out for display.  Follow the step-by-step directions below to make your own snow globe.
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Materials: Baby food Jar, small figurine (small cake toppers work great), Glitter, Water, Hot glue gun or shipping or duct tape (hot glue works best)
Step 1: Glue or tape a small figure to the inside of the top of the baby food jar. Make sure the figure is stuck on good and doesn’t move around.
Step 2: Put a spoon full of glitter into the baby food jar.
Step 3: Fill baby food jar with water.
Step 4: Put the top back on the baby food jar and close tightly.
Step 5: Shake snow glow and enjoy.