How to Make a Shape Monster Halloween Craft for Kids


This cute shape monster is a creative way to help children learn their shapes. It can be used as a fun Halloween craft or an anytime craft because who doesn’t like making a monster!  These shape monsters make a great classroom display or a cute decoration to hang up at home.  It’s simple to make and only requires a couple of materials.  Follow the step-by-step directions below to make a cute and scary Halloween shape monster.


Materials: construction paper (a variety of colors including black and white), glue, optional googly eyes, glitter


If doing this activity with young children you can prep by cutting out all the shapes beforehand.  If working with older children, you can let them cut out their own shapes.

Prep: Cut a variety of shapes (square, circle, rectangle, diamond, triangle, hexagon, etc..) out of construction paper to use as the monster’s body.

Arms and legs: Cut out long strips of construction paper

Mouth: Black rectangle

Teeth: White triangles

Eyes: Circles

While doing this craft with the children make sure you talk about all the different shapes they are using to create their monster.

Step1: You can lay out all the shapes on the table and like an assembly line let the kids pick out the pieces for their monster.  If working with older children you can give them paper and let them make  their own shapes.  I did this with younger and older children.  The older children got very creative with their shapes when I let them know it was a creative contest.






Step 2: Have the children glue their eyes and nose onto the monster.







Step 3: Have the children glue the black rectangle onto their monster.  This will be the monster’s mouth.

Step 4: Glue the white triangles onto the black rectangle.  This will be the monster’s teeth.  It’s fun to make the monster teeth (triangles) a variety of sizes.

Step 5: Use the long strips of construction paper to make the arms and legs. To make the accordion effect fold one strip of paper about an inch down, then turn it over and fold another piece down to continue this until the entire strip is folded.  Unfold the strip and it should look like an accordion.  Have the children glue the arms and legs to their monster.

Step 6:  If you are feeling creative you can add hair or glitter to your monster.  You can also add googly eyes to the monster’s eyes