How to Make a Pumpkin Out of a Water Bottle, Water Bottle Halloween Crafts, Water Bottle Pumpkin Craft for Kids

Water Bottle Pumpkin Craft

This water bottle pumpkin craft is not only a fun craft to do with young children for Halloween or Thanksgiving it’s also a great craft to teach about recycling.  Not only is a cute piece of kid art to display but it also uses an old water bottle so we have less trash.  Follow the steps below to make your own pumpkin out of a water bottle.



Materials: Water bottle ( I used the small 8oz water bottle), black and orange construction paper, green paint, glue and paintbrush






Step 1: Give child a water bottle and a piece of orange construction paper.  Tell them to rip up the construction paper into small pieces.





Step 2:  Tell each child to put their ripped up pieces of construction paper into their water bottle.






Step 3: After filling their water bottle up with the paper have the children put the bottle cap back. on.  Have each child paint their top green.
Step 4: Have the children cut out eyes, nose and mouth from the black construction paper.  If the children are young you may want to do this for them.




Step 5:  Glues eyes, nose and mouth on the bottle and let dry completely.  You’re Done! enjoy your pumpkin.
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