How to Make a Puffy Fish Fun Craft Project for Kids

Puffy fish are great for school projects, a nice decoration for a classroom or recreation room or just a fun activity for an ordinary day.  This puffy fish is easy to make and doesn’t require a lot of materials.  To get started on your own puffy fish follow the simple instructions listed below.

Materials:  brown paper lunch bag, 4-5 pieces of newspaper, 1 rubber band, markers or paint, optional glitter or streamers 

Step 1: Give each child 1 brown paper lunch bag.

Step 2: Have each child fill up the lunch bag have way with the newspaper.

Step 3: Put the rubber band around the middle of the brown bag (where the stuffing ends).  Wrap the rubber band around a couple of times for it’s tight. Be careful not to rip the bag.

Step 4:  Fan out the open end of the brown bag.  This will make the tail.

Step 5: Decorate your fish using makers or paint.