How to Make a Memory Holder for Your Wall or Locker, DYI Frames for Tweens

These picture holders are a fun craft to do with tween and teen girls.  They make a great decoration for a wall or locker.  With a few simple steps and some decorating you can create a photo holder to display all your memories.  Follow the step-by-step directions below to make your very on picture holder.



Materials: Cardboard, Clothespins, Hot Glue, Scissors, Paint and/or things to decorate with (bows, glitter, buttons, stickers, beads etc…), string or magnet

Step 1:  I did this step before I started the craft with the girls.  Cut the into 8 inch circles.

Step 2:  Have the girls paint and decorate their circles

Step 3:  Give the girls between 6-8 clothespins

Step 4:  Have the girls decorate the clothespins

Step 5:  When the project is dry, hot glue the clothespins to the front of the circle.  Make sure that the part of the clothespin that opens is facing outward.  This is what will hold your picture

Step 6: Using hot glue or tape, attach a string to the back to hang your picture holder.  You can also glue a magnet to the back to hang in your locker or on refrigerator