How to Make a Great Teacher Christmas Gift Snow Globe for Kids

The best gifts come from the heart is what my niece said to me the other day.  She wanted to make a great Christmas gift for her favorite teacher.  After thinking about it for a while we thought of a snow globe. It’s easy to make (she is 8 and did almost everything completely by herself) and requires a small amount of materials. This homemade snow globe will surely please any teacher or any family, friend or loved one. This easy to make snow globe makes a great centerpiece for any table or holiday decor.  She was so happy how it came out, that she wants to make more and give them as gifts to everyone.  Follow the simple steps below to make your very own homemade snow globe.


Materials: jar with tight lid (I used an empty sauce jar), glitter, ornament or small plastic toy, water, hot glue or crazy glue To make a smaller snow globe, you can use a baby food jar.











Step 1: This step requires adult assistance, hot glue plastic ornament or small toy to the inside lid of the jar. I used a light up snowman ornament. We used a sharpie to write # 1 teacher.











Step 2: Add a couple of spoonfuls of glitter to the bottom of the jar. Just enough so the bottom of the jar is covered.











Step 3: Fill jar a little more than 3/4 of the way with water depending on the size of your ornament or toy.  











Step 4: Put the lid on the jar. Make sure it is secure, you can even add a little more hot glue or crazy glue around the rim of the lid before putting it on the jar. Shake the jar and turn it over. Watch all the snow come down.