How to Make a Ghost out of a Pencil

This pencil ghost is a fun Halloween craft.  Kids will enjoy using their ghost pencil at school or while doing homework.
Tip: Ghost pencils make a great party favor or goody bag item for your Halloween Party!
Follow the step by step directions below to create your own pencil ghost.


Materials: Glue, 1 large cotton ball or 2 small cotton balls, 1 tissue, Markers, String, Pencil





Step 1: Glue cotton ball to the eraser on the top of the pencil.  Make sure the glue is completely dry. Tip: any glue can be used but hot glue works best.








Step 2: Give each childone tissue. Using markers let them draw a face in the middle of the tissue.






Step 3: Put the tissue on top of the cotton ball.


Step 4: Wrap the string around tissue and tie a knot.