How to Make a Cloud Easy Science Experiment for Kindergarten

Learn how clouds are formed. In this fun Science experiment for Kindergarten and first-grade students. Children will make a cloud using crushed ice and salt. How will the cloud form? Find out by trying this fun and easy experiment below. If you want to learn more fun facts about clouds, check out these Cloud Facts for Kids to go along with your experiment.


  1. crushed ice
  2. salt
  3. large plastic cup
  4. medium plastic cup


Have kids fill a large cup 1/2 way with the crushed ice.

Add 1/3 cup salt to the ice.

Place the smaller cup into the middle of the larger cup (try not to touch the ice with your fingers)

Blow into the small cup

You will start to see a small cloud

Pretty cool! The cloud is formed because your breath contains water vapor, a gas.  When the vapor hits the cold air in the smaller cup, it turns from a gas to a liquid forming tiny drops of water, making a cloud form.

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