How to Make a Bat Handprint Craft, Halloween Handprint Craft for Kids, Cute Bat Halloween Handprint Craft

Handprint Bat Craft

Need an easy craft to do for Halloween, Learning about Bats?  Look no further try this fun and easy bat handprint craft.  It’s a great craft for day care centers, preschools and early elementary schools.  It’s even a fun craft for a baby keepsake.  Follow the step by step directions below to make your own bat handprint crafts.  Click here to learn facts about Bats!


Materials: construction paper, black non-toxic washable paint, marker or optional glue, googly eyes, pom-pom ball and glitter
Step 1: Paint one of your baby’s hands with a light coating of black non-toxic washable paint. Holding the paper long ways stamp your baby’s hand on the paper.
Step 2: Paint your baby’s other hand turn the paper upside down so the previous hand print is on the bottom of the page. Stamp your baby’s hand on the paper to it is touching the palm of the first hand print.
Step 3:  Let dry. When the handprints are dry use a maker to draw eyes, nose or mouth. Feeling crafty? Instead of marker use googly eyes for eyes, pom-pom ball for the nose and draw a mouth with glue and add a little glitter

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