How to get Motivated to Loss Weight, Help Me Loss Weight!

Loosing weight was one of the hardest things I ever did.  You often have to completely change your eating habits and life style to loose it and make it stick.  It’s not easy and sometimes (like me) you have to try it several times before you can stick to a plan. So I  came up with this idea to help others who are struggling to loose weight.  I’ve had a weight let’s say issue since childhood and when I finally got down to a healthy weight I felt like a new person.  I want everyone who has been struggling with their weight to have that feeling.  Nothing could replace it, it’s just such a happy feeling.   You can go into the store and pick out nice clothes, you can eat in restaurants without thinking the people around you are watching with your eating.  It really feels like a freedom.  You also get the feeling of accomplishment, like you can do anything because like I said it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.
I came up with this idea called motivational text messaging. It really started as text messages to a friend who also needed help and it worked for her so I decided to see if it can help anyone else.   If you sign up for the service you get three motivational text messages per day to help you stay on track with your diet.  You pick the time of day you want to receive the messages.  So if you always get a craving at 3:30PM, 3:30PM you will receive a message helping you stay on track.  If you want to exercise in the morning at 7:30A, then every morning at 7:30AM you will receive a message encouraging you to exercise.  The service is built around your schedule.  The service cost $10 a month that is paid through Paypal.  If you don’t want to service any longer don’t pay the following month and you will no longer receive any messages.
If you are interested in receveing motivaltional text messages please e-mail me at