How to Desgn your own Shirt for Kids, Fun Party Craft for Kids, Earth Day Recycling Project for Kids

Create-a-Shirt is always a fun party idea.  It’s easy to do for kids of all ages, lets the kids be creative and gives them something to take home from the party.  This activity is also a great Earth Day activity.   It’s a great way for to recycle old clothing. Kids love turning their old ordinary shirt into an extraordinary shirt!
These shirts are great for a Birthday Party Activity, Team Shirt, Performance Shirt, Costume or Everyday Wear!


Here are step by step directions for making a Cool Creative Shirt:


Materials: Oversize cotton t-shirt (cutting the shirts will make them smaller), fabric paint, textile markers and scissors optional glitter


Step 1: Cut shirt to desired length.







Step 2: Cut slits on one side or both sides of the shirt.  I cut about 1 1/2 inches apart.  The further apart the slits are the more skin will show underneath.
Tip: For a cool look cut slits far apart and wear a color tank underneath.










Step 3: Cut through the slits so the front and back are separate.









Step 4: Tie separated slits together.












You can start to decorate or if your feeling creative continue to Step 5:
Step 5: Cut the sleeves of the shirt off and make the neckline wider by cutting along the collar.
Step 6: Cut 2 slits on the top part of the shirt (shoulder) leave about 1 1/2 inches from the sleeve to the neckline uncut. Tie slits together.




















Step 7: Decorate with fabric paint and or textile markers, let dry and wear.