How do Plants take in Nutrients? Celery Science Project for Kids

This is a pretty simple science experiment.  It’s good for children Kindergarten-2nd grade.  In this experiment children will be able to observe osmosis in plants.

Question:  What will happened to the celery when it’s left in the colored water.

Materials: 6-8 drops of red food coloring, tall glass, water, 1 celery stalk with its leaves.


Step 1: Pour water into the tall glass until it is half way full.

Step 2: Add 6-8 drops of food coloring to the water.  Make sure the water is a nice bold color red.

Step 3: Place your stalk of celery into the glass with its leaves sticking out.

Step 4:  Put the glass in a window where it can get the sun.

Step 5: Observe the celery for a 24 hours.

Analyze your Data: 

What happen to your celery?

You observed osmosis! The leave of the celery will turn a reddish color.  Celery is a vegetable and vegetables are plants..  Plants absorb minerals and water from the soil.  These minerals and water make the plant heathy and able to grow.  When the water and minerals are absorbed in to the plant they flow through the plants cells. The process where the water flows across the plant’s cell wall to enter the plant cell is called osmosis.  The colored water traveled up the celery and into its cells.