Sock bunny craft

After the success we had making sock turkeys for Thanksgiving, we decided to try a sock bunny for Spring or Easter. Making sock bunnies is not only a fantastic way to spark creativity but also a wonderful opportunity for quality bonding time. In this article, we’ll walk you through simple steps to craft these charming […]

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Easter Bunny Pancakes for kids.

Looking for a bunny-themed breakfast this Easter?  What to make a cute breakfast for the kids?  Look no further; these bunny pancakes are great for Easter breakfast or on any Spring morning.  I made them for my daughter, and she loved them.  I usually don’t encourage candy and sugar for breakfast, but since it’s a

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Easter Bunny Facts for kids

  With Easter just around the corner, guess who’s hopping our way! The Easter Bunny, of course! The Easter Bunny is very mysterious.  We have a lot of information about Santa Claus.  We know he lives in the North Pole, and his elves make the toys, but what do we really know about the Easter

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Rabbit Facts for Kids

Let’s explore rabbit facts for kids! It’s Spring, and during Spring, many animals are born, including rabbits. There are over 50 species of rabbits. Rabbits live all over the world. Learn more about these adorable little creatures with these Fun Rabbit Facts for Kids. Let’s hop to it! Click here for more animal facts. What

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Easter Facts for kids

Many wonderful things happen during Spring. Baby animals are born, the weather starts to get warmer, and the days get longer. One important holiday also takes place in Spring, Easter. During Easter, we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We also celebrate Spring, being with family, a new beginning, and the Easter Bunny of course!.

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