Have to Try Arts and Craft Project for Kids, Fun Abstract Art Project for Kids

I saw this idea on Pinterest and I had to try it.  I am do happy that I did.  It was a big hit.  This was by far the best craft project I have done in a while.  I tried it at home with my daughter age 2, my niece age 11 and her friend age 10.  They all loved it.  I do recommend doing this with children 8 and up.  You can do this with younger kids if you assist them,  We did the project a couple of times to try different ideas.  They wanted to do it over and over again.  Follow the step-by-step directions below to my your very own abstract art.


Materials: Water color paper 90lb or more, matte acrylic paint, (4-5 colors), thick gel dish soap (I used Dawn),  glossy Krylon spray paint (I used black and light blue)

Step 1: Cover the entire paper with acrylic paint, blend the colors so they overlap.  Make sure you don’t do a heavy layer of paint.






Step 2: (We did the rest of the project outside) Lay your picture on newspaper outside.  Pour some dish soap onto a spoon and drizzle it over your painting.









Step 3: Spray spray pain over the entire picture and let dry (about 20 mins).  Do this outside in a well ventilated area. Children need adult supervision when using spray paint. We had fun with this.  We did some with just black spray paint, some with just blue and some half and half.










Step 4: When the spray paint in completely dry, rinse it off in the sink.  Let the paper dry (about 1-2 hours).