Handprint Footprint Turkey Craft, Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Gobble, Gobble it’s turkey time!  This handprint, footprint turkey craft is fun to do with young children.  I personally love doing handprint and footprint crafts, they are wonderful keepsakes.  I did this craft at home with my little girl and again with the little kids in the class.  The parents really loved them.  Follow the step-by-step directions below to create a handprint, footprint turkey craft


Materials: white, red, orange construction paper, paint ( I used brown, red, yellow, orange, gold), paintbrush, glue optional eye sticker or goggly eye, magnet

*If you have access to a laminator, I recommend laminating them.  If your making this at home with your child and do not have access to a laminator, many teach supply stores can laminate items for you for a small fee.

Step 1: Paint the bottom of your child’s foot brown and their toes orange.  This will be the turkey’s body and feet.




Step 2: Have your child place their foot on white construction paper to make a footprint.




Step 3: Paint your child’s hand red and make a handprint on another piece of white construction paper.






Step 4: Use the orange paint and repeat step 3.  Your going to layer your child’s handprint on top of each other on an angle as shown in the picture below.  Keep layering handprints with different color paints 4 times, as shown below.  You can even get creative and make a handprint of using a combination of the paints as shown below.











Step 5: Using orange construction paper, cut out a turkey nose and glue it on to the turkey.

Step 6: Using red construction paper, cut out the turkey’s wattle and glue it onto the turkey.

Step 7: You can either draw an eye onto your turkey, use an eye sticker or even a goggly eye.

Step 8: Cut our the footprint and the handprint.  If your not going to laminate your turkey, simply position the hands (feathers) on to the foot (turkey body) and glue them together.  If your going to laminate them, you do not need to glue them together, just position them in between the laminate sheets and put the paper through the laminator.


Optional Step 9: Glue a magnet to the back of the turkey.