Handprint and Footprint Easter Bunny Craft for Kids

Try this Handprint, footprint Easter Bunny craft today!  This craft is fun and easy to make.  It’s a great craft for a daycare or a cute homemade keepsake.  When your kids are grown, you’ll love having something to show how small and cute their little hands and feet once were.  Follow the step-by-step directions below to make your own Easter Bunny handprint and footprint craft today!

Tip:  Place this craft in a frame and display it for future Easter celebrations.

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 Materials: construction paper, paint, markers, paper plate, newspaper (for covering tables and floor), optional googly eyes, cotton ball (for the nose), baby wipes(for easy clean up for feet and hands)

 Step 1:  Place some paint on the paper plate.  I used white for the bunny.  Place the child’s hand in the paint.

Step 2: Place the hand covered with paint in the middle, the lower portion of the construction paper. The handprint will make the bunny’s face.  The fingers will be the bunny’s hair.  Make sure there is enough room for the feet on top of the handprint.

Step 3: Pour some more paint on the paper plate. Have the child place their foot in the paint, then have them place their paint-covered foot on the paper near the top of the handprint. Repeat with the second foot.  This will make the bunnies ears.

 Step 4: Decorate your Easter Bunny’s face and ears, and you’re done!