Halloween Mystery Box Ideas, What’s in that Box?, Halloween Guessing Game



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What is a Mystery Box?

A Halloween mystery box is simply a box usually a shoebox that you can’t see into filled with an object, or food to represent what you say is in the box.  You can say there’s Zombie brains or Gremlin eyes in the box and since you can’t see inside you can trick children into believing that is really in the box.  

Halloween mystery boxes are always a great hit at Halloween parties.  When I host Halloween parties I always make sure I have a table full of mystery boxes.  They add some excitement to the party.  I love hearing the voices of the children saying “Eww what is that?” or “Gross I’m not touching that!”  It what makes Halloween fun.  These ideas are fun and easy and are sure to add some excitement to your party.  Try some ideas below:


Mystery Box To make your mystery box you can use any small box with a lid, such as a shoebox, hatbox, cardboard box taped shut.

Cut a small hole in the top of the box or the front of the box.  The hole should only big enough to stick in a hand.  You do not want to be able to see inside the box.


Decorating the Box:

Wrap It: you can wrap the box in Halloween wrapping paper, or Halloween tablecloth.

Paint It: You can paint the box in dark Halloween colors or even glow in the dark paint. You can use poster board paint, tempera paint, or even spray paint.

Decorate it You can add black glitter or stickers.  You can even make it look like a monster by drawing teeth around the opening of the box and putting eyes on top.  Be creative!

Label the Box 

You can label the mystery box so the children know what they are touching.  You can label the box by making signs that you place on the outside of the box or you can write it directly on the box.

 Some people prefer not to label their boxes at all.  Some people rather just have the children place their hand in the box and try to figure out what is in the box. 

You can turn unlabeled mystery boxes into a game. This is a good game for older children.

Leave paper and a pencil on the table next to the box. 

Have the children write their names on the paper. 

Have the children go through the line sticking their hands in each of the boxes.  As they touch the box they have to guess what is either inside or what is supposed to be inside.

For example, say the child puts their hand in the box and feels around.  They think they are feeling spaghetti, they would write spaghetti on the paper or also have them write what the food/object would represent. They would have to guess what would spaghetti be. Ex. Spaghetti if the child thought that the spaghetti could maybe be brains, and they would write spaghetti/brains on the paper.  Whichever child had the most correct answers would win.


What’s in the Box Ideas: 

Fun ideas on what to put in your mystery box.  Use ordinary food products to put a little bit of fright in your box.

Brains:  Cooked Spaghetti (after cooking drain it, pour it in a

 the bowl then refrigerate it so it will stick together), Boiled cauliflower head, cold oatmeal

Dead Hand: Rubber glove filled with flour

Dead  Skin: Banana peel, smashed up boiled egg whites, thinly sliced rubber erasers 

Witch Ears Werewolf Ears: Dried apricots

Eyeballs: Peeled grapes, olives

Fingers: Microwaved hot dogs cut in half, small whole pickles, thin carrots

Fingernails: Almonds, sunflower seed shells, pumpkin seeds

Guts: Canned spinach, cream corn

Heart: Peeled can tomato

Nose: mushrooms

Skeleton Bones: Cleaned chicken bones.  You can boil the chicken bones in water for about 15 minutes.  After you drain them, the leftover meat will come right off and they will be smooth.

Teeth (dead man’s, witches): popcorn kernels, uncooked elbow macaroni, candy corn

Witch Hair: Corn husks, steel wool

Worms: Cooked spaghetti with a little oil

Spiders: Chenille stems (pipe cleaners) twisted together in the shape of a spider

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