Ghost and Skull Marshmallow Halloween Craft Fun Halloween Crafts for Kids

This Ghost and Skull Halloween craft is fun and easy enough for children of all ages.  It requires only a couple of materials and requires a minimal amount of adult assistance.  Follow the step-by-step directions below to make your own Ghost, Skull or both Halloween Craft!






Materials: Construction paper, Glue, Mini Marshmallows, Chocolate Chips, Pencil






Step 1: Give each child a piece of construction paper and a pencil.  Have each child draw an outline of their ghost or skull on the paper.

Step 2:  Give each child glue.  They can either outline their pencil drawing in glue then fill in the middle of the picture with glue or put a little dap of glue on each marshmallow as they place it on their drawing.  Whichever works best with your group of children.
Step 3: Start placing the marshmallows to make the shape of the ghost or skull.





Step 4: If you a making the ghost keep placing marshmallows until the entire middle of the outline is filled in with marshmallows.  If you are making the ghost fill in the middle according to how you want to design the face.  You can make the face by glueing the marshmallows in a circle to make the eyes and use marshmallows to make nose and mouth or you can use chocolate chips to make the eyes, nose and mouth.  Be creative.










Optional Steps
Step 5: Skull Teeth- To make the skull I took a mini marshmallow and squeezed the sides together to make them skinny.  Then I glued each one closely together to make them look like teeth.







Step 6: Skull Accessories- To make a bow for your skull, draw and a bow on top of the skull and fill it in with chocolate chips.  If you need help drawing a bow have an adult help you or look for one to trace on-line.