Kids love all types of games! Kids love to play games on rainy days, sunny days, birthdays, or just any day

Games are fun for kids and offer many benefits that contribute to their overall growth and development. Here are some key reasons why playing games is beneficial for children.

Playing games help kids learn about teamwork by providing collaboration, communication, and shared goal-achievement opportunities.

Games can significantly impact children’s social and emotional development by providing a platform for them to explore and practice a wide range of skills, emotions, and interpersonal interactions.

Games also help kids with physical development. Physical games that involve running, jumping, crawling, and other forms of movement can help improve kids’ motor skills, coordination, and overall physical fitness. Games like tag, hide and seek, and obstacle courses encourage active play and exercise.

Games that require balance, such as hopscotch or balancing games, can help kids develop better coordination, stability, and spatial awareness.

Playing games also lets kids use their imagination and creativity. Staff at kidsplayandcreate understand the importance of playing games with kids. We have icebreakers and name games that are great for kids meeting for the first time or who are shy.

We have fun party games such as freeze dance and musical chairs and great classroom games such as 7up, charades, and mum ball. And nursery rhyme games that are great for preschoolers.

We are constantly updating our list and adding new games. Don’t forget to check back soon for new games and activities.

Game ideas for kids

List of Games for Kids

Candy Ball Bubble Wrap Game

Freeze Dance

Hokey Pokey

Jump Rope Rhymes

Mum Ball

Musical Chairs

Name and Icebreaker Games

Nursery Rhyme Activities

Outdoor Group Games

Positive Notes Game

Relay Races

What’s your L.O.L Doll Name?

What’s Your Unicorn Name?

Who’s the Leader

Working Together Games