Funny Drawing Prompts for Kids

Funny Drawing Prompts for Kids

Drawing is an excellent way for children to express themselves. They can tell how they are feeling and what they are thinking in a drawing. Funny drawing prompts can be used as icebreakers and can help children with communication. Drawing is also a perfect way for children to communicate. They may not fully express themselves verbally but may be able to say how they feel in their drawings.

Funny Drawing Prompts for Kid s

Drawing can help young children improve hand-eye coordination and develop motor skills.
Drawing can help give children a sense of accomplishment. After they complete, their picture, parents can hang it up on the refrigerator or put it on display.
Sometimes children can get stuck on what to draw. Here is a list of funny drawing prompts for children of all ages.

Drawing Prompts


  1. A taco with arms and legs
  2. A fish swimming through the sky
  3. A fish swimming in a cereal bowl
  4. An animal with a human head and face
  5. An underwater rainbow
  6. A polar bear at the beach
  7. Dancing pop tart
  8. A banana with clothes on
  9. Yourself as an animal
  10. A cookie drinking a glass of milk
  11. Chocolate milk waterfall
  12. A monster balancing on a ball
  13. An animal making S’ mores
  14. A shark eating a cupcake at a birthday party
  15. An angry apple
  16. Tree using all the colors of the rainbow Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet
  17. A castle made out of candy
  18. A garden full of lollipops
  19. Yourself as a king or queen
  20. Something you would want to find at the end of a rainbow
  21. Someplace that you want to go
  22. A car driving through space
  23. Design a new school
  24. Dinosaur at school
  25. A picture of popcorn watching a movie
  26. An animal surfing
  27. A pencil as a person
  28. A picture of it raining something other than water
  29. Yourself as a superhero with superpowers
  30. A picture of your mom or dad as a kid
  31. A picture of a fire-breathing dog
  32. Write your name in a creative way
  33. A unicorn jumping over a rainbow
  34. A snowman on a tropical island
  35. Design a mansion
  36. A wizard casting a spell
  37. A sea creature in a forest
  38. Yourself in a game
  39. A Unicorn or horse in a blizzard
  40. Vegetables with eyes, nose, mouth, legs, and arms

New Creations

Create a/an…

  1. New cartoon character
  2. Emoji
  3. New troll character
  4. Put two animals together to create a new one
  5. New planet
  6. New type of cereal and cereal box.
  7. New car