St. Patrick's Day Party Games for Kids

Fun St. Patrick’s Day Party Games for Kids

Everyone is Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day! Saint Patrick’s Day is a fun day of celebration! We at Kids Play and Create have come up with a list of fun St. Patrick’s Day party games for kids. On this list you will find games for kids of all ages. Teachers! There are even fun games you can play in the classroom or during gym class. Check out our list below and let the party begin!

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Leprechaun Relay

Materials: St. Patrick’s Day attire: sunglasses, shirt, hats, necklaces, bears/mustache etc… 1 set for each team.

Set up: Divide the group up into equal teams. Line the groups up into rows. Place cones at the starting point and ending point of where you the children to race. Place an equal amount of St. Patrick’s Day attire at the ending point of each cone.

Play: The first player on line for each team has to run to the ending point cone and put on all the St. Patrick’s Day attire, then run back to the starting point, take everything off, tag the next player then sit at the back of the line.

The second player has to put on all the St. Patrick’s Day attire, run to the ending point, take it all off then run back to the starting point, tag the next player then sit at the end of the line.

Continue with all players. The first team who has all their players sitting wins.

St. Patrick’s Day Spirit

Materials: Invitations, prizes

Already having a Saint Patrick’s Day Party? If so, then this is something you can add on to the fun. On each invitation you are handing out write that you are supposed to come in your Saint Patrick’s Day best. The person who comes in dressed with the most St. Patrick’s Day sprit win a prize or trophy.

Irish Musical Chairs

Play traditional musical chairs but with Irish music. You can make a playlist using youtube.

Musical Chairs Instructions:

Start with 1 lass chair then the amount of players. When the music stops, players must find a chair. If there are no chairs available, that person is out. Continue to play until there is one person left.

Musical Chair Ideas:

Yell reverse during the game-all players must walk the other way

Have players clap hands over their head while playing.

Players can skip around the chairs instead of walking

Have players walk backwards while playing

Freeze Jig

Play freeze dance but with Irish Folk Music. You can make a playlist using Youtube. You may also want to show the kids a video on Youtube with Irish dancing and encourage them to try it during freeze jig.

Guess How Many Gold Coins

Fill a large jar with chocolate gold coins. Make sure you count the coins as you place them in the jar. Place the jar on the table with a bowl next, paper and pen next to it. Have the children guess how many gold coins are in the jar. The children can place their answer in the bowl. At the end of the party announce with child has the correct or closest number. That child wins the jar.

Find the Pot of Gold

Hide a small pot of gold (chocolate gold coins) around the room. Whichever child finds the pot of gold wins it.

St. Patrick’s Day Trivia

If you are working with an older group of children.  You can create a trivia game to play with them.  Divide the children into groups.  Make one player from each team a recorder.  Ask the question and have them work as a group to figure out the answer.

Trivia Question Ideas

What colors are in the Ireland flag? Green, White, Orange

What continent is Ireland on? Europe

Which language to they speak in Ireland? majority English also Gaelic or Old Irish

What is the name of the capital in Ireland?: Dublin

What kind of money do they use in Ireland? Euro

What is the population of Ireland? 4.5 million

What is a popular meal served on St. Patrick’s Day?: Corned beef and cabbage with Irish soda bread

Where do leprechaun’s place the pot of gold?: At the end of the rainbow

What are the colors of the rainbow in order?: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet

How many leaves does a lucky clover have? 4

A leprechaun’s job is really an Irish: A. Magician, B. Clown, C. Shoemaker? C. Shoemaker

What does Erin go Bragh mean?: Ireland Forever in Gaelic

How Many Words

Have the children write down as many words as they can make using the phrase:

Happy St. Patrick’s Day