Fun Party Games for Kids Musical Chairs and Musical Chairs Reverse

Musical Chairs

This is a fun party game for children of all ages
Materials: Chairs, Music
1. Set up the chairs side by side horizontally. Have one less chair then the number of kids
2. Play the music and have the children walk around the chairs.
3. When the music is turned off all the children must sit down.  Whoever does not have a chair is out.
4. Repeat.  Keep taking chairs away 1 round at a time.  Last child standing wins.
Now that you can play musical chairs now try musical chairs reverse.  This is great for children 7 and up, even older children like it.

Musical Chairs Reverse

Set up the same way you play musical chairs but instead of sitting down when the music goes off you have to remain standing.
  What to really challenge the kids?
  Play a couple rounds of musical chairs then yell reverse on the reverse round the kids have to remain standing when the music goes off.  Watch how many kids gets mixed up!

Summertime Musical Chairs

Having a party in the summer?  Play musical chairs (all weather chairs) outside under sprinkler!