Fun Kids Crafts with Old CD’s and Cases

If you are like me you probably have some old CD’s laying around collecting dust. In fact some of the young kids don’t even know what CD’s are!  Give them a history lesson while creating some fun art.  Try these fun crafts below.  These crafts are also great for Earth Day.

CD Turtle

Materials: CD, green construction paper or foam sheet, glue, googly eyes or eye stickers, string, craft gems or anything to decorate your turtle with.

Step 1: Draw and cut of legs and a head of a turtle.  You can free hand draw one or you can look on-line for a turtle template.



Step 2: Glue legs and head onto the back (non shiny side) of the turtle.

Step 3: Stick eyes on the head of  your turtle.

Step 4: Decorate with craft gems.

Step 5: Glue string on the back to hang.







CD Scratch Art

Materials: CD, Black Paint (any kind but washable), toothpick or pencil

Step 1: Paint the shiny side of the CD black.




Step 2: When the paint is dry, use a toothpick or pencil to scratch off a design.


cd3(I did this with kids of all ages in a summer camp program and it was a big hit!)


CD Case Art

Materials: CD Case, Puffy Paint or  you can use liquid glue mixed with food coloring








Step 1: Open CD Case, separate the back from the front.  You will only need the front clear part of the case for this project.

Step 2:  Paint the inside of the clear case with puffy paint.


cd4Optional Display Idea:  I had the kids in a summer camp program make these.  I collected them and attached them all together with hot glue and made a big display for an art show.  Everyone loved them.