Fun Halloween Party Games, Ideas and Activities for Kids

Halloween parties are so much fun. There are costumes, music, decorations, candy,and spooky foods

Halloween parties can be so much fun.  Make yours spooktacular with these fun Halloween party games, ideas, and activities below


Halloween Games for Kids


Mummy Wrap Race

This is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Materials: Large rolls of toilet paper (2 per team)


1. Break children into teams of 3

2. 1 person on the team will be the mummy, and the other two children will be the wrappers.  Give each wrapper one roll of toilet paper.

3.  The wrappers must wrap their entire roll of toilet paper around the mummy.  Ensure the children do not wrap toilet paper around the eyes, nose, and mouth.

4.  The first team that finishes is the winner.


Pass the Pumpkin

Materials: small pumpkin, music


1. Have children sit or stand in a circle.

2. While the music plays have the children pass the pumpkin around.

3. Have the adult or someone not playing stop the music.

4. The child holding the pumpkin when the music stops is out.  Repeat until their one child left.  The last child standing/sitting is the winner.

 Guess How Many Candy Corn?

Materials: Jar, Candy Corn, paper, pen


1. While counting, fill up the jar with candy corn.

2. Write down the number and place it in your pocket.

3. When children arrive at the party, have them guess how many candy corns are in the jar.  Make sure you write down each child’s name and the number they guessed on the paper.

4. At the end of the party, announce the child’s name who came the closest to the number of candies in the jar.

 Monster Mash

Materials: Halloween Music

Play the same way as you would freeze dance


1.  Have children dance to Halloween music such as Monster Mash, Thriller, Ghostbuster’s theme  etc…

2. When the music stops, all the children must freeze. Play the music again and repeat.

3. Last child standing wins

 Ghost in the Graveyard

Materials: open outside space


This game is similar to Hide and Go Seek but in the dark

1. The person is “it.” The ” it ” person must close their eyes and count 1:oo, 2:00, 3:00, etc, until they get to 11:00. After 11:00, they say midnight.

2. While the child who is “it” is counting all the other children must hide.

3. When the child is “it” gets to midnight, they must run and look for the other children.  Since this game is played at dusk or in the dark, be sure there is nothing in the yard that the children can trip over or bump into.

Optional: give each child a flashlight.



Halloween Party Activities

1. Decorate Pumpkins- Get a bunch of small pumpkins or gourds to paint.  Don’t want the mess, have the children use stickers instead. It’s a fun activity, and the children leave with a souvenir.

2. Costume Contest: No Halloween party is complete without a costume contest. You can give a goody bag as a prize or even a trophy. I recommend purchasing trophies from trophy depot. You can make a custom trophy for any occasion.

 3. Pinata– Kids love the opportunity to swing at a pinata.  My advice is when the pinata is ready to burst, take it down, rip it open, and spread the candy across the room.  Less chaos this way.


4. Brains and Eyeballs- Decorate a shoebox with black or Halloween paper.    Fill the box with cooked spaghetti with a little butter and some gummy eyes or circle gummy candy. Cut a small hand size hole at the top of the box. Label the box brains and eyeballs.  Have each child put hand in the box to get a touch.


5. Candy Hunt– Forget Easter Eggs Halloween is here.  Buy a bunch of candy and small toys such as spider rings, tattoos, and bugs check the Halloween aisle in the store.  Fill small candy bags with 1-2 pieces of candy or a toy.  Hide the bags all over the yard.  Have the children line up and shout ready, set, go.  Have the children run and find all the candy.


6. Crafts- Try some of these Halloween Crafts at your party:

Pencil Ghost, Glue Ghost, Halloween Scene, Egg Carton Spider, Footprint Ghost

You can have the children decorate picture frames (they have wooden frames at Michaels Craft Store or the dollar store).  If you have a large group of children take 1 group photo and then print it out for each child to put into their frame. 

If you have a small group of children you can take individual pictures of the children in their costumes to print out.  This makes a great party keepsake.

Halloween Party Ideas

1. Hand in the Punch Bowl- Fill a latex powder-free glove with water, tie the ends and place it in the freezer a couple of hours before the party.  Make your punch; when it’s party time, place the frozen glove in the punch bowl.  Want a spookier effect?  Fill the glove with red juice instead of water.


2. Spider Ice- Place small plastic spiders or small sider rings into ice cube trays.  Fill with water and freeze. When its party time, you can add them to the punch bowl or add them to individual cups.


3. Decorate your own Spooky Cupcake.  Make cupcakes the night before but don’t decorate them.  Buy different colored frostings, mini candies, cupcake topper eyes, and sprinkles.  Make an assembly line and place each item in a row going down a table.  Give each child a cupcake and let their imagination get to work.


4. Glow-in-the-Dark Balloons- Buy some glow-in-the-dark bracelets available at the dollar store or any party store.  Blow up your balloon halfway, bend the glow-in-the-dark bracelets, and place them in the balloon.  Continue to blow up your balloon.  Tie together and decorate.

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