Fun Games for Kids

Kids love all types of games! Rainy day, sunny day, birthday or just any day kids love to play games.  Games not only keep kids entertained but they help them learn too.  Playing games helps kids learn about teamwork and helps with the their social , emotional and physical development.  Games let kids use their imagination and creativity and are a great way to keep them active.  Ice breaker and name games are great for kids who are meeting for the first time or who are shy.  Games like freeze dance and musical chairs are great party games.  7 Up, charades and mum ball are great games to quiet down a noisy bunch.   Nursery rhyme games are great for pre-schoolers.  Check out the complete list of games below.

At we are adding new games all the time.  Check back soon for new activities.

 Here is a list of fun games for kids.   

7 UP

Air Pong

Beach Activities

Candy Ball Bubble Wrap Game


Freeze Dance

Hokey Pokey

Jump Rope Rhymes

Make Me Smile

Mum Ball

Musical Chairs

Name and Icebreaker Games

Nursery Rhyme Activities

Outdoor Group Games

Paper Miniature Golf

Positive Notes Game

Relay Races


Scrambled Eggs

Who’s the Leader

Working Together Games