Freeze Dance, musical dancing game for kids

Freeze Dance Party Game for Kids

Freeze Dance is a musical dancing game for kids. Freeze Dance is the perfect game to play at any party with kids. It’s also a fun and easy classroom party game.

Not having a party? Freeze Dance is a fun game to play anytime.

Have a toddler or young children at home, or are you babysitting? If so, playing Freeze Dance is a great way to keep kids entertained. Put their favorite playlist on or put their favorite song on Youtube to get started.

You can play this fun dance game if you have room to dance and music. Children of all ages can play it. It is fun to play at the toddler-age level throughout high school. So, get your dancing shoes on, blast the radio, and get ready to learn how to play the freeze dance below.

Freeze Dance Kids Dancing Game

My children, ages 7 and 3, love freeze dance. It is a fun cold or rainy day activity. I let them each take turns picking the song, which keeps the fighting away and the good times flowing. Here’s how you play.

How to play Freeze Dance

Freeze Dance is a fun and easy party game. It’s so easy you only need two things to play.

Materials needed:

  • Music
  • Space to dance


If you do not have a radio to play music, use your phone or TV to play music free on YouTube.

1. Have all the children dance while the music is playing.

2. When the music stops, all the children must freeze.

3. The adult decides which children are still moving after the music stops. You’re out if you are still moving after the music stops!

4. Last child standing wins.

Freeze Dance Variations

Freeze Dance is an easy game to learn, which makes it fun for kids of all ages. Mix things up by trying these Freeze Dance variations.

No ones out

Playing with toddlers? No, one gets out. If you play Freeze Dance with toddlers, it may be hard for them to grasp the concept of being out. In my experience, it’s easier to stop the music, encourage them to stop dancing, and start the music back up when everyone stops.

No sense stressing out trying to convince a two-year-old that they’re out. Avoid the tears and keep playing.

Everyone does the same dance.

This is a fun variation when playing with older children. Put the hottest song on with that fun dance everyone knows. Tell the kids they must do that dance that round. Stuck on a song to choose? You can always go with a classic such as Cha Cha Slide, Electric Slide, or YMCA.

Sing and Dance

There are certain songs where the kids know all the words. Put the most popular song on and tell the kids they must sing and dance that round.

Exercise and Dance

Dancing is a fun way to exercise. Freeze Dance is a fun way to incorporate exercise. Instead of dancing one round, challenge the kids to do jumping jacks, sit-ups, or running in place until the music stops.