Dinosaur Tracing Worksheet

Free Colorful Printable Tracing Worksheets for Kids

Tracing is one of the first things your child will be doing in Pre-K and Kindergarten. Tracing helps your child in the early stages of the writing process. It helps them gain control of their muscles and improve fine motor skills. Tracing also helps children learn to identify letters and shapes.

You are your child’s first teacher. As soon as your child turns three or is past the phase where they put things into their mouth, they are ready for crayons and paper to start scribbling. It’s always a good idea to start off with tiny pieces of broken crayon. Why break the crayons? It gives the children more control and helps them get their fingers into that pinch position that encourages the correct grip.

How do I teach my Child the Correct Grip?

Teach your child to name the first 3 fingers on their hand. The thumb, the pointer, and the tall man. Next, have them wiggle their fingers around. Have your child point with their pointer finger then instruct them to put tall man next to their pointer finger. Next, have them make an O shape by keeping the pointer and tall man fingers together and bringing them to their thumb.

Ways to Practice

There are many ways to help your child hold the pencil or crayon the correct way. You can try the pick it up and drop it technique. This is a fun way to help your child with their grip. Place your child’s fingers on the pencil the correct way. Then have your child drop the pencil, next ask them to pick it up again. See if they can place their fingers in the correct position. If not start from the beginning and try again.

Aim and fire technique. Take a place piece of paper and draw small dots or stars on it. Have your child aim the pencil and crayon at a specific dot or star them tell them to fire! When the fire, they should be able to touch the dot or star on the paper with their crayon or pencil. This helps the children with hand-eye coordination and works on control.

Another way to practice is to complete tracing worksheets. By practicing tracing regularly your child will become familiar with holding a crayon or pencil and will be able to strengthen their fine motor skills. Check out our free printable tracing worksheets for Kids!

Free Colorful, Printable Tracing Worksheets for Pre-K and Kindergarten

Click the links below to print worksheets

Page 1 Dinosaur Tracing

Dinosaur Tracing Paper
Dinosaur Tracing

Page 2 Apple Tracing

Apple Tracing Paper
Apple Tracing

Page 3 Car Tracing

Car tracing page
Car Tracing Page

Page 4 Squirrel Tracing

Squirrel Tracing Page
Squirrel Tracing Page

Page 5 Football Tracing

football tracing Page
Football Tracing Page

Page 6 School Supplies Tracing

school supplies tracing
School Supplies Tracing

Page 7 Line Tracing

Line Tracing
Line tracing

Page 8 Apple Number Tracing

Apple Number Tracing
Apple Number Tracing

Page 9 Letter Tracing

Letter Tracing
Letter Tracing