Footprint Butterfly handprint Flower Pot, Cute Spring Mother’s Day Craft

This footprint butterfly and handprint flower pot is a cute and easy craft for young children. It’s a great mother’s day gift or just a beautiful way to display your flowers. It also makes a great yard decoration. The one below was done with my one-year old. Follow the step-by-step directions below to make your very on footprint/handprint flower pot.



Materials: Flower Pot, Paint Brush, Paint (I recommend all-purpose acrylic paint found at Michael’s or other craft stores)

Step 1: To make the butterfly – Paint the bottom of your child’s foot one color and the top another color.







Step 2: Press your child’s foot onto the flower pot.

Step 3: Repeat step 1 and step 2 with the other foot. Make sure the feet are close to each other on the flower pot.

Step 4: Paint a black line between the feet. This will be the butterfly’s body and antenna.





Step 5: Paint your child’s hand and press it onto the flower pot.





Optiona1 Step 6: Paint I love you, Happy Mother’s Day or any other saying to add something a little special to your flower pot.


If giving as a gift you can add a flower to the pot.  Another idea is to fill the flower pot with candies or cookies.  You can also use it as a basket and fill it with other goodies.