Feel Good Notebook Self-Esteem Character Building Activity for Kids

A feel good notebook is a great thing a child can have to help them focus on positive experiences they have each day. Often times we focus too much on the negative that we forget about the simple good things that happen throughout the day such as making someone laugh, having fun or even finding a good luck penny.
Materials: notebook, pen or pencil 
Optional: Have your child decorate their notebook.  Try using stickers, crayons, markers, glitter etc… to make their notebook a reflection of them and what makes them happy.


Each night have child sit at the table and write 5-10 good things that happen that day.  It can be as simple as I had fun at recess or I made Sammy laugh in class today. If the child likes to draw encourage them to draw a picture of one of the things they listed.


If a child is too young to write you have them tell you what good things happened to them that day or have them just draw a picture and tell you about it.


When they are done writing in their notebook have them share what they wrote with you.


The key to this activity is consistency.  This is a daily writing exercise.