what happens when you mix an acid with a base

An acid is a substance that reacts with a base.  They are usually identified as a sour tasting chemical. Common acids found in the kitchen are lemons, apple juice, orange juice, vinegar and black coffee. A base is a substance that will neutralize an acid.  Common bases found in a kitchen are baking soda and […]

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Rubber Egg Science Project for 1st grade

Do you have a young scientist at home? Are you looking for the best science project for the school science fair? Look no further this bouncing, rubber egg science project is perfect for kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade students. Have you ever felt an egg? If so then you know that the shell is

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Air is all around us all the time. We need air to breathe, without it we would survive. We usually do not see the air around us but we know it’s there. You may noticed it when the wind blows, or when it’s really cold outside you may see it when you breathe. It’s everywhere!

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Turn Milk into Glue Science Experiment for 1st grade

Milk, it’s something that most people have in their refrigerators. We can drink milk, pour it into our cereal and use it for recipes, but I bet you never thought you can use it as glue. Now you can turn milk into glue with these two fun science experiments for Kids. This science experiment is

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