Science Fair Experiments for Kids

Looking for a fun and easy science fair experiment for your kindergarten or elementary school student? Looking for a fun way to entertain your little one at home? At Kids Play and Create, we got you covered! We have fun and exciting science fair projects below. Each of these science fair experiments follows the scientific […]

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Learn how clouds are formed. In this fun Science experiment for Kindergarten and first-grade students. Children will make a cloud using crushed ice and salt. How will the cloud form? Find out by trying this fun and easy experiment below. If you want to learn more fun facts about clouds, check out these Cloud Facts

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DIY Ancient Compass science for kids

Hey kids do you want to build a compass? A compass if one of the worlds oldest inventions that we still use today. Before there were GPS to tell you where to do, people used maps and compasses.  It is believed they were invented by the Chinese scientists in the 11th century and were made

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Solar Oven Experiment for Kids

Have you ever thought of using the sun to make a delicious treat? In this article below you will learn how to make a DIY solar oven to create yummy S’mores and make your very own solar sun syrup that you can use on waffles, pancakes or even ice cream. This is a great hands

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Popcorn! Everyone loves popcorn! It’s enjoyed at the movies, parties, even watching T.V on your couch. Popcorn has been enjoyed for centuries. In fact it is believed that corn have been growing domestically for over 9,000 years! What’s the best way to pop popcorn to get the biggest pop? You will find out with this

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