Easy Snowman Paperplate Construction Paper Craft for Kids Winter Crafts for kids

This snowman craft is cute and easy for kids of all ages.  You can use a variety of materials found in the home to make a creative snowman.  Follow the step-by-step directions below
* This is also a great project to use as a contest in an after school or recreational program. Whoever makes the most creative snowman or puts in the most effort wins.
Materials: 2 paper plates ( 1 larger than the other), glue, scissors, items to decorate such as pom pom ball, buttons, construction paper, glitter, googly eyes, cotton balls (to look like snow), felt.




Optional:  Try our snow paint recipe to make paint that looks like snow. Snow paint was used in the picture below

Step 1: Stable the smaller plate to the larger plate.  I did this before giving the children the plates.

Step 2: Give the children items to decorate their snowman with.  On the snowman in the picture I used construction paper for the hat and scarf (you can also use felt for this), buttons for the mouth and down the body of the snowman, pipe cleaners for the arms, pom pom ball for the nose and googly eyes for the eyes.
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Have Fun and Be Creative