Easy Paper Plate Fish Craft Project for Kids

This paper plate fish craft is a fun project for kids.  It’s easy to make which makes it a great craft for elementary school and day care aged children.  There are so many ways you can decorate your fish.  Follow the simple directions below to create your own paper plate fish.

Materials: paper plate, scissors, glue, crayons or markers, optional glitter
Step 1: Turn paper plate face down cut triangle shape from one side (think pac man)
Step 2: Use the piece you cut for out for the mouth and glue it pointy side in for the tail.
Step 3: Decorate with crayons and/or markers, I had the kids use glitter for the scales
*Creative Tip: You could add streamers to the fish tail, glue on teeth on the mouth, add goggey eyes the possibilities are endless.