Easy Leprechaun Traps for Kids St. Patrick’s Day Activity for Kids

 It’s St. Patrick’s Day again and that means leprechaun traps.  Irish legend says that if a human catches a leprechaun the leprechaun has the power to grant that human 3 wishes in exchange the human has to let the leprechaun go after the wishes are granted.  

 Try the fun and easy leprechaun traps listed below:

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Leprechaun Trap 1:
Materials: shoe box, green paint, construction paper, crayons/markers, scissors, glue/tape, small cup or cupcake wrapper (for pot), gold tissue paper/ pennies or toy gold coins (for gold), 1 pipe cleaner, knife, optional glitter
Step 1:  Paint your shoebox green.  Let dry completely.
Step 2: While your shoebox is drying, draw a rainbow on a piece of construction paper.  Add some glitter to the picture if you like.




Step 3: Cut of the rainbow and tape/glue it to the back of the shoebox.




Step 4: Using a knife (adult supervision required) create your trap door my cutting a square shape through the box.  Leave on side uncut.




Step 5: Cut 1 pipe cleaner into 3 equal parts.  Take one of the three parts and cut it into 3 smaller parts.  Lay the two larger pipe cleaner pieces next to each other.  Lay the 3 smaller pieces across the two larger pieces and wrap each end around the larger pieces.  This will make the leprechaun ladder.  You can glue it to the side of the box.





Step 6:  Take a piece of gold tissue paper and rip it up into small pieces.  Crumble it up into little balls.  Place them in the cup or cupcake wrapper.  This will be your gold coins, you can also use pennies, play money, craft gems or chocolate gold coin.  Place your cup or cupcake wrapper under the rainbow in front of the trap door.  Place some “gold” from the top of the ladder over the trap door to lead your leprechaun to the trap.




Leprechaun Trap 2:
Materials: green and orange construction paper, cookie/candy stick ( available at craft stores), tape, scissors,crayons, glitter, cupcake wrapper, pennies
Variation: Instead of orange construction paper you can use cardboard.  Instead of pennies you can cut circles out of paper or cardboard and use gold glitter to make it look like gold.
Step 1: Take your green sheet of construction paper.  Your going to cut the paper at each corner.  Cut in about 2 1/2 inches in.  Then fold the sides in.


Step 2: Next turn your paper over and decorate it.  You can use makers, crayons, glitter or anything you like.



Step 3: After your finished decorating your going to turn the paper over so that the decorated side is facing down. Fold the sides back up and tape together.


Step 4: After your trap is taped together you’re going to put it on the tape with decorated side facing out.  Tape your cookie/candy stick to the front inside side of the box.



Step 5: Place your trap on an orange piece of paper.  Put the cupcake wrapper underneath the trap and fill it with pennies.  Make a trail of pennies leading to the pot of gold.  Add glitter and your done.  Instead of construction paper you can use cardboard to make a stronger base.