Easy Easter Basket Craft for Kids

This easy Easter Basket craft is a perfect Easter craft to do with kids ages 5 and up (younger if you assemble it).  The kids love designing their own little baskets.  I used the basket as a holder for their dyed Easter Eggs (it held 3 safely), I also used it to hold the plastic Easter Eggs.  It’s a fun project to do in a class, day care, church Easter activity or just home with the kids.  Follow the step-by-step directions below to make your own Easter Basket.
Materials: construction paper (thicker the paper, more it will hold), scissors, crayons/markers, stapler/tape, optional Easter grass
Set up: Pre cut strips of construction paper for the  basket’s handle. Cut the strips long ways from the paper.
Step 1:  Give each child one piece of construction paper.  Have each child cut diagonally from each corner about 2 inches.






Step 2: Fold in on each side of the paper then turn it over. You will see the basket start to form.





Step 3:  Have the children decorate the basket and handle strip using crayons, markers, stickers, glitter etc…





Step 4: To create the basket fold up one side and tape or staple it to the piece sticking out on the other side.  Repeat to all sides of the basket.  Tape of staple the handle to the inside of the basket.





Step 5: Add Easter grass and your done.  I made these with the kids so they could use it as a holder for their dyed Easter eggs.  I stapled the handle on and it was able to hold 3 eggs.  I also used it to hold the plastic Easter eggs as shown in the picture.







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