Easy DIY Photo Booth Cute Photo Booth Idea for Girls Party

I made this photo booth for the last spa tea party and it was a big hit.  It was easy to do and the total cost was just under $40.  The girls loved posing with the different props. The pictures were a great party souvenir. The best part is you can make this for all occasions by just changing the colors.  I will definitely be making this for future parties. Follow the step by step directions below to make your very own girls photo booth.






Materials: Two packs of shimmering curtains (long, I used pink), packing tape, 1 rectangular tablecloth (same color as your curtains), optional fuzzy rug (girls loved it), photo props (since it was a girly party I used a boa, crowns, wands, hand gloves, big sunglasses






Step 1: Tape the tablecloth to the wall long ways using the packing tape






Step 2: Lay a long piece of tape across the table.  Lay the top of the curtain over the tape, gather the material or ruche it and stick it to the tape.






Step 3: Tape the curtain over the tablecloth.






Step 4: Lay your rung under the curtain and add your props.