Science Experiments for Kids

Science Projects are not just for school!
Doing experiments at home is not only a great way to keep kids entertained but it also  is a fun way to learn and get them interested in Science.
Check out these easy and fun experiments that can be done anytime.
Remember new activities are added all the time so come back soon to see what’s new!


Acid and Base Science Projects  

Ancient Compass

Best Way to Pop Popcorn 

Does Air Take up Space?

Celery Osmosis Science Project

Cloud Maker

Hot Chocolate Experiment

Invisible Ink/Glow in the Dark Writing

Lemon Volcano

Magic Ice Cube

Make your own Butter

Milk Glue

Penny Shine

Rubbery Slime


Soft Magic Egg

Soil and Water

Solar Sun Syrup


Water Filter 

What makes Peanut Butter Smooth?