Easy Apple Craft for Kids Teacher Apple Craft Back to School Crafts for Kids

This cute apple craft is fun and easy for children of all ages.  It’s a great craft to celebrate fall harvest, back to school, teachers and more.  It makes a great classroom decoration.  Follow the directions below to make your own apple craft.
Materials: red, brown and green construction paper, glue, scissor, paper/plastic plate ( the bigger the plate the bigger the apple.  I used a red dessert plate) optional: Markers (to write child’s name), red glitter (to add a little sparkle.)
Step 1: Give each child 1 piece of red, green and brown construction paper, plate and glue.  Let each child cut out  a steam with brown paper and a leaf with green.  If the children are younger I recommend making tracers. Glue the leaf and steam to the top of the paper/plastic plate (plate should be right side up).
Step 2: Give each child a piece of red construction paper and have them rip in into small pieces.  Let each child glue the pieces to the paper/plastic plate.
Optional:  Add some red glitter to the plate to add a little sparkle.  Have the children write their names on the apple.