Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Kids How to Plan an Easter Egg Hunt

What’s Easter without the Easter Egg Hunt?  Check out these fun and creative Easter Egg Hunt ideas for children of all ages.


So you have kids of all ages in your house or at your Easter party.  Try these ideas to have a fair hunt.

 Assign each child their own color. This works great in a house with children of various ages.  This way the younger children can get the same amount of eggs as the older children.
Write the children’s names on the Easter eggs.  This takes a little time but works well.  Let the children know they can only find the eggs with their name on them.

Write the children’s ages on the Easter Eggs.

Kids working together on
Easter Egg Hunt.  This is a great opportunity to get your kids to work together.  Try these fun ideas.

The Puzzle Hunt– A puzzle with pieces that can fit in the plastic egg is needed for this hunt.  Put the puzzle together and write a message saying where there Easter Baskets or other treasure are hidden.  After the message is written on the puzzle hide a piece in each Easter egg along with the candy.  After all the eggs are found the children will have to put the puzzle together to find their baskets or treasure.

Riddle Egg Hunt– Give one of the children a piece of paper with a bunch of riddles leading to their eggs on it. An example is: I get your clothes from wet to dry, tumble, tumble what am I?  The answer would be the dryer.  The children would go to the dryer and find their eggs.   Leave one 1 egg per child at the location for the answer of the riddle.

Map Egg Hunt– Make a map of the location (yard or inside house) to where you hid the eggs.  Make an X on the map to where each egg is.  Give one of the children the map have them use it to find their eggs.  Leave 1 egg per child at each location (X).

Clue Egg Hunt Leave a clue with a number on it in each plastic egg that leads to the children’s Easter basket or other treasure.  After the children find all of their eggs they will have to put the clues in number other and read it all together to find their basket or treasure.

More Fun Easter Egg Hunt Ideas
  1. Glow in the Dark Hunt – Buy glow in the dark plastic eggs or buy small glow sticks to put in the eggs with the candy.  Hide the eggs, turn off the lights and let them find them. (great for older children)
  2. Flash Light Hunt– Hide all the eggs inside the house.  Turn the lights off.  Give each child a small flashlight to find the eggs.  This can also be done at night in the back yard.  Hide all the eggs and let them search for the eggs at night with a flashlight.  (great for older children).
  3. Hanging Eggs Hunt-  This is a fun twist to the traditional Easter egg hunt.  Tape a piece of string to the outside the plastic egg. Tie the other end of the string to tree branches and other secure objects.  When children find the egg they pull it and it will come loose from the tape and fall.
  4. Hide a couple of real colored Easter Eggs along with the plastic eggs. Assign each child a color.  When the children find the real egg in their assigned color they win a prize.
  5. Write a note from the Easter Bunny saying that they were good this year and won a special prize.  Leave the note on the child’s bed.  In the morning they will read it and search to find their special prize.
  6. Leave one end of a piece of string at child’s bed.  Have the other string lead to their Easter basket.  When the child wakes up they must follow the string to the Easter basket.
  7. Along with candy in some of the Easter eggs you leave a piece a paper with a number.  Each number has a prize. At the end of the hunt children will find out what prize they won.
  8. Make a lollipop Garden- This works best outside.  Pick an area of your yard and make a sign saying Lollipop Garden.  Stick a bunch of lollipops in the ground around the sign.  You can make the lollipops color coded and have children pick specific colors.  You can use any kind of lollipop but the big ones look cute in the ground.
Egg Filling Ideas

Traditional Easter Candy- jelly beans, chocolates, peeps



Small bottles of bubbles

Small toys – cars, character figures, yo-yo

Money/Change (great for older children)

Gift Certificates (great for older children)

Plastic Jewelry

Lip Gloss


Fun Things to Hide for Hunt
Along with plastic Easter Eggs there are other things you can hide.  You can wrap bigger items in plastic wrap or cellophane and tie with a bow.  Some ideas are:
  1. Large Chocolate Bunny
  2. Children’s Easter Baskets
  3. Easter Stuffed Animals: Bunnies, chicks, lambs
  4. Jump Ropes and other outside toys
  5. Large Container of Bubbles
  6. Dolls
  7. Action Figures
  8. Crayons with coloring book
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