Easter Bunny Facts for kids

Easter Bunny Facts for Kids


With Easter just around the corner, guess who’s hopping our way! The Easter Bunny, of course! The Easter Bunny is very mysterious.  We have a lot of information about Santa Claus.  We know he lives in the North Pole, and his elves make the toys, but what do we really know about the Easter Bunny?

Think about it; what do you really know about him besides he’s a bunny that brings you eggs?  How do you even know if he is a he? Maybe the Easter Bunny is a she?   Where does he live? How does he hide all those eggs? 

Well, if you’re looking for the answers to these questions and more, look no further.  The people at kidsplayandcreate did a lot of research. Check out our Easter Bunny Facts for Kids

Easter Bunny Facts for kids


Who is the Easter Bunny?

The Easter Bunny is the one responsible for leaving eggs and baskets for kids to find on Easter morning.

The Easter Bunny comes the night before Easter Sunday to deliver Easter baskets and hide eggs for children to find. Some of the items in children’s Easter baskets include chocolate bunnies, candy, peeps, and Spring toys such as jump ropes, balls, bubbles, and chalk. 

Sometimes, the Easter bunny will leave you coloring books and crayons to spark your imagination. 

There are many things the Easter Bunny can bring.  It is a tradition for the Easter Bunny to also hide eggs all around the house or yard.  The colorful eggs usually contain chocolates, chocolate bunnies or chicks, and small toys. 

Sometimes, he will even hide real money! Bonus fun fact: Peeps are the most popular non-chocolate Easter candy

Easter Bunny Facts for Kids

What is the Easter Bunny’s Name?

The exact name of the Easter Bunny is classified. However, some clever clues have been discovered. Some items left by the Easter Bunny have the initials E.B. written on them.  We are not quite sure if this stands for Easter Bunny or something else like Earl Bunny or Eric Bunny.

For now, we will call him E.B. What do you think his name could be?

 Look closely at your eggs and Easter Baskets this holiday. Who knows, maybe you’ll uncover more clues to check this egg-citing mystery.

Where Does the Easter Bunny Live?

The Easter Bunny, like most bunnies, lives in an underground burrow.  A burrow is an underground hole or tunnel dug up by an animal. It’s not a regular burrow but an enchanted burrow. 

It most likely looks like a regular burrow, but once inside, it transports you to an enchanted forest.

Where is this underground burrow?  The exact location of this burrow is a mystery. 

It could be in a park in the middle of a big city, or it could be out in a forest. Or somewhere in the country or maybe even in your own backyard.  

Printable Easter Bunny Facts for Kids infographic
Printable Easter Bunny Facts Infographic

What Does the Easter Bunny Look Like?

Some believe that the Easter Bunny disguises himself as all the other bunnies hopping around in fields, meadows, and parks. When he returns to his burrow, he and his helpers fill Easter Eggs and baskets.

It is also believed that the night before Easter, the Easter Bunny comes out of his burrow and sprinkles magical pixie dust all over himself to grow into a big rabbit to deliver the eggs and baskets. But how big does he grow?

The  Easter Bunny is believed to grow to be around 5 ft tall.  No one has seen the Easter Bunny, but large rabbit footprints were spotted on Easter morning.  Animal scientists examined those footprints and calculated that the Easter Bunny is about 5ft tall.

It is believed that the Easter Bunny has white or brown colored fur, big blue eyes, and glasses.

The Easter Bunny has a kind and loving personality.  He doesn’t like when children are bullied.  In fact, like Santa, the Easter Bunny also keeps a good and bad list.  The Easter Bunny loves it when children use kind words toward one another and are helpful to others.  The Easter Bunny also loves when children appreciate what they have and are grateful for what they receive.

Easter Bunny facts for kids

How Old is the Easter Bunny?  

That is a good question.  The Easter Bunny is hundreds of years old.  How does the Easter Bunny live so long?  Well, he eats a healthy diet, exercises every day, and of course, there is a little magic involved. The Easter Bunny eats lots of lettuce, vegetables, and carrots.  The Easter Bunny loves it when kids leave him a healthy snack of carrots the night before Easter.

Easter Bunny Characteristics

This is an interesting question.  Is the Easter Bunny grouchy like a leprechaun? Is he jolly like Santa?    The Easter Bunny can be described as friendly, kind, imaginative, creative, and curious.  He loves it when children are kind and friendly to each other. 

He enjoys it when everyone is included in a game and when no one feels left out.  Other animals living in the enchanted forest call him the Kindness Bunny. Kindness is part of the magic that helps spread Easter cheer.

The more you show kindness to others, the more kindness you hold in your heart, the more the Easter Bunny will come and spread Easter cheer.  Being a good friend is the best way to make the Easter Bunny happy.

Easter Bunny Facts for Kids


The Easter Bunny is a playful bunny. He enjoys playing hopscotch, running races, and playing hide and seek. The Easter Bunny also participates in carrot-eating contests.

He has won the Enchanted Forest’s Annual Carrot Eating contest for the last ten years. E.B. is also creative and enjoys drawing and painting. One of his favorite things to do is paint Easter Eggs.

Hiking is another activity he enjoys. E.B. loves nature and enjoys looking for animals and listening to birds during his hikes.

E.B. is also a silly bunny and enjoys telling jokes. One of his favorite jokes goes like this:

What kind of beans grow in the Easter Bunny’s garden? Give up? Jelly Beans! Click here to read more of Easter Bunny’s Jokes for Kids.

Easter Bunny Facts for Kids

How does the Easter Bunny fit all the eggs into his basket?  

Well, that’s a good question, and the answer is magic!  His Easter basket is magical.  It is bottomless.  

He sticks his hand in and pulls out the eggs; they are always there.  

As he takes them out, new ones appear to take their place until he has enough to deliver all the eggs to all the children. 

Easter Basket Delivery

How many eggs does the Easter Bunny deliver?  The answer is millions.  With so many children worldwide, the Easter Bunny would have to hide millions of Easter Eggs the night before Easter. 

No one bunny could do all this on his own. The Easter Bunny has a team of bunnies to help him. 

The Easter Bunny and his team of bunnies are very busy throughout the year making Easter baskets and stuffing Easter eggs for all the children.  Did you know that the Easter Bunny’s team of bunnies looks like every other bunny?

Yes, that’s right, they look like ordinary bunnies.  How can you tell if they are on the Easter Bunny’s team?  Well, you can’t. They can even be the bunny you see in your backyard!  They also report good behavior to the Easter Bunny.  So, if you see a bunny hopping along, you better be good because you never know if they are watching.

The Easter Bunny’s team of bunnies helps deliver the baskets while he hides the eggs.

So, what kind of magic does the Easter Bunny have?  It’s the magic of the children that the Easter Bunny carries in his heart.  As long as children believe in him, his heart will never stop, and he will live on forever.

We hope you enjoyed our Easter Bunny Facts for Kids. Looking for more Easter activities? Check out Bunny Rabbit Facts for Kids  and Easter Bunny Jokes for Kids

Easter Bunny facts for kids