Easter Bunny Facts for Kids


Most children are curious about the Easter Bunny.  I mean we know a lot about Santa like he lives in the North Pole and his elves make the toys but what about the Easter Bunny?  Where does he live, how does he hide all those eggs.  Well, if your looking for the answers to these questions and more look know further.
  • The Easter Bunny like most bunnies lives in an underground burrow.  The exact location of this burrow is a mystery.
  • The Easter Bunny’s real name is classified however he is believed to have the initials E.B.
  • Some people believe that the Easter Bunny disguises himself to look like all the other bunnies hopping around in fields, meadows and parks. Then when he returns to his burrow, he and his helpers fill Easter Eggs and baskets.
  • It is also believed that the night before Easter, the Easter Bunny comes out of his burrow and uses magic to grow into a big rabbit to deliver the eggs and baskets. But how big does he grow?
  • The  Easter Bunny is believed to grow to be around 5ft tall.  No one has actually seen the Easter Bunny, but large rabbit footprints have been spotted Easter morning.  Those footprints were examined by animal scientists who made the calculation that the Easter Bunny is around 5ft tall.
  • The Easter Bunny is very busy throughout the year making Easter baskets and stuffing Easter eggs with his team of bunnies.  Did you know that the Easter Bunny’s team of bunnies look like every other bunny?  They can even be the bunny you see in your backyard!
  • How does the Easter Bunny fit all those Easter eggs into his basket to deliver?  His Easter basket is a magical basket.  It is actually bottomless.  He just sticks his hand in and pulls out the eggs, they are always there.  As he takes them out, new ones appear to take their place until he has enough to deliver all the eggs to all the children.
  • So, how old is the Easter Bunny?  That’s a good question.  He is hundreds of years old! How does the Easter Bunny live so long?  Well, he eats a healthy diet and of course a little magic.
  • The Easter Bunny eats lots of lettuce, vegetables and of course carrots.  The Easter Bunny loves when kids leave him some carrots the night before Easter.
  • So what kind of magic does the Easter Bunny have?  It’s the magic of the children that the Easter Bunny carries in his heart.  As long as there are children who believe in him his heart will never stop and he will live on forever.
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