Earth Day

Solar Oven Experiment for Kids

Have you ever thought of using the sun to make a delicious treat? In this article below you will learn how to make a DIY solar oven to create yummy S’mores and make your very own solar sun syrup that you can use on waffles, pancakes or even ice cream. This is a great hands […]

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Earth Day Facts and Activities for Kids

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd in the U.S. Find out all about Earth Day with these Earth Day Facts, Activities, and Crafts for Kids! The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22nd, 1970. It was created by Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson. He organized demonstrations to promote awareness about taking care of our

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Recycling is when we take materials that we were going to throw away and put them through a process so they can be reused again. Many things can be recycled such as paper, metal, plastic, glass and electrical equipment. Recycling saves energy, is good for the environment, saves natural resources and saves space in landfills.

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Paper beads are fun and easy to make.  You can use paper beads to make necklaces, bracelets or add to enhance art projects. This is a great Earth Day/Recycling Project.  You can use a variety of scrap paper to make the beads such as old wrapping paper, construction paper, magazine pages even news paper. You can also cut the beads into different

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